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Little Pots by KK

Crescent Pot for Mame Bonsai Dark Oxide #4

Crescent Pot for Mame Bonsai Dark Oxide #4

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This hand-built ceramic bonsai pot in crescent shape measures 3.25" wide and 1.5" tall on the low side, 4" tall on the high side in its outer dimensions. Perfect for Mame or Shitakusa.

It features a textured surface similar to rock. The detail is enhanced using dark oxide wash. 

A beautiful contrast of unglazed brown clay and satin dark oxide.

The pot includes small drain holes. A mesh round will be included. This pot is too small to include wire holes.

The bottom surface has been polished in a 3 step process using a 600 grit diamond pad as the final step to ensure the feet are smooth and cause no scratches on wood surfaces.

It also has the Little Pots Chop  and is fully vitrified of course.

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