About KK

My clay journey started 30 years ago in Germany. 

I studied art and design and as part of my studies completed an internship with a Clay Artist.

Clay has been part of my life off and on with a few large gaps for university to get  a different degree here in Texas, career and kids. 

In recent years I have become more interest in sculptural work.

Here are a few examples of work I have done and work in progress.

bust side view  cat juniper waxwing

Like many others we took on new hobbies during Covid. Kurt started with Bonsai and I quickly joined him. It's a great hobby to do together.

One of our favorite activities are the club digs where we can collect native yamadori.

The bonsai hobby quickly escalated and we now have over 200 trees, a bonsai garden and a greenhouse for tropicals to stay cozy in during the winter.

My main focus is Texas natives and tropicals.

In my work with bonsai and kusamono pots I love to combine all my favorite aspects: sculpture, texture and interesting clays.

Functionality is crucial to me.

I select only clays with minimal absorbtion rate after vitrification (less than 1 percent) and take special considerations of use and environment into account.

I choose to polish the bottoms/feet in a 3 step process, ending with a 600 grit diamond pad to greatly reduce the risk of the pots scratching any wood slab or jita you may wish to use.

I would like to extend a special Thank You to Kusamono artists Young Choe and Sooncheng Cheah as well as horticulturist David Rizwan for their invaluable input on how to perfect the pots in both aesthetics and functional design for their intended use.